Welcome to the launch of Coffee with Jesus on the feast of St. Vincent de Paul, 27th Sept 2020.
St. Vincent de Paul known for his love, compassion and teachings… pray for our CwJ family.

Coffee with JESUS is a divine-human partnership of love.

Every morning as I sip my piping hot, freshly French pressed coffee, I talk to Jesus and LISTEN. I hear His gentle whispers in my spirit, in the WORD or as I meditate on a mystery of the Rosary. The Holy Spirit prompts and I scribe. The Holy Spirit reminds me of long forgotten joyful memories and struggles. These are deeply personal, but I share, in the hope that people will relate to my stories and faith journey, and grow spiritually along with me.

Several decades ago, I received a message from Abba Father, “I will take you to the ends of the earth.” I was so excited, as at that time, I had never travelled out of my country. But now I understand how God’s promise was truly fulfilled in my life. God’s WORD has carried my life stories through CwJ posts via WhatsApp, for the last three years, to almost all continents. Thank you, family and friends, for your prayers, encouragement, and support! Above all, thank you Abba Father, Jesus, Holy Spirit and Mama Mary.

But God is not done with me yet!

I was soaking in the beauty of the green grass of the paddocks during my morning walk and God reminded me of his promise to Abraham. That he would have descendants as countless as the stars above (Gen15:5). And God promised me that the Coffee with JESUS blog would touch the lives of countless people, as countless as the blades of grass around me… PRAISE JESUS

Like I said this is a Divine-human partnership, and this is where YOU come in, too. My prayer for this blog, is that CwJ truly glorifies Abba Father, nourishes our spirit to know, love and be more like Jesus and to love each other “as I have loved you” (John13:34). I encourage you to be a media missionary with our CwJ team, by forwarding these posts on Whatsapp, Facebook, emails or any media, so we can “spread the gospel to all the world” (Mark 16:15). And with God’s grace, His promise of touching COUNTLESS lives through CwJ will be fulfilled….. Amen.

John Luker, a good friend, was inspired to help take CwJ to a new platform- this blog. He is the Creative Artist and Tech Genius, behind the scenes, with loving support from his wife Ethel and 2 children. And of course, Ankita (age-13 years) and Aiden (age-9 years), lovingly encouraged by their parents who are my friends, make the blog truly alive and active with their beautiful and Holy Spirit inspired illustrations of the living WORD of GOD.

I invite YOU to sip and savour and be a Barista of Jesus’s freshly brewed, uplifting coffee for the spirit and soul, to as many as possible.

More about me and my life will be shared weekly or fortnightly, in my posts… be blessed and highly favoured and stay connected by liking CwJ posts and leaving your comments.
Enter your email address and click the Follow ‘CwJ’ button at the bottom of this page to follow CwJ by email. When prompted by WordPress click ‘Save Changes‘ button. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!

Scribe, Wounded Healer & Barista

16 thoughts on “Home

  1. You have done it..finally!I’m filled with the brewing WORD that uplifts our lives,especially in these hard times..Keep up the missionary work!


  2. What a joy to see the new launch of CwJ. I am so excited to have access to this blog. Your sharing are always beautiful as they come from your personal life with the same ups and downs as I experience. You bring me closer to our God!


    1. Amen.. Amen.. That is the work of the Holy Spirit to bring us closer to Jesus…
      So glad to hear from you Marlene….
      Thank you for your prayers for the Coffee with Jesus family.


  3. Thank you for inspiring and encouraging others to push out into the Deep. Never knowing what lays ahead and beholding the beautiful and ecstatic abundant Life as promised by the Lord himself.


  4. Amen indeed.
    Yes I am amazed at his God’s glory daily in the little and big things of life.
    Thank you for your comment Joe and thank you for your prayers that the Coffee with Jesus family grows daily…


  5. Dear Kiran – we thank the loving Holy Spirit for inspiring you to invite us to join this blog. Just the thought “Coffee with Jesus” – immediately gives you that quietness and stillness in your soul that you always yearn for and that sense of peace which makes you want to open your heart to Jesus and share with Him of all your joys, pains, sorrows and your concern for others. In return you wait to hear Jesus’ response and to the directions and leading of the Holy Spirit. God bless you all for starting this blog and may it reach to the ends of the earth.

    May each one be blessed in supernatural measure as you spend time with Jesus Our loving Lord and Saviour for Coffee with Jesus will take you to the very heart of Jesus which was pierced and which is wide open for each one of us – for He is our only peace, comfort and strength is this troubled time.

    Abel and Stella


  6. So proud of you for taking your posts to a blog to reach and touch more hearts. Praise God. Thanks for inspiring and encouraging us through your experiences across the globe.


    1. All glory to God alone.. the entire team worked really hard with one focus .. to touch more hearts… like you said Chelle. Thank you for becoming a follower of CwJ. ❤️


  7. This is truly awesome. Congratulations to the team behind CwJ! I have been enjoying your writings for a while now. But I never expected to see them in such a creative and pleasant space. The design of the blog is marvelous. Unbelievably matching pictures. May the message of CwJ reach the ends of the earth soon!


    1. All glory to God. 🙏Thank you Susanga for your continued prayers and encouragement and for being a media missionary with us. God bless your mission. Praise Jesus


  8. Beautiful! Love the page… such lovely colours. The illustrations too are perfect. Thank you for sharing so much of your life and touching our hearts with the word of God .


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